My wife and I have enjoyed raising multiple small flocks of backyard chickens–first in Philadelphia and now in Charlottesville. Backyard chickens provide fresh eggs daily and provide rich fertilizer for our garden. We’ve had as many as 8 chickens but usually keep only 4-6 at a time.

Below are some pictures of hens we had over the years.  Here’s a Columbian Wyandotte and a Black Australorp.

Two hens feedingOur new hen

Here’s what some of our chickens looked like as chicks. Two of the smaller chicks are Welsummers, the other is most likely either a Golden Spangled Hamburg or a Partridge Rock. The larger one is a Cuckoo Marans.

Our baby chicksHot chicks

And, for your viewing pleasure… the miniature dinosaurs in action.

All photos by Steven L. Johnson