Oaxaca – Day of the Dead

In October/November, 2016 I attended an Art in Oaxaca workshop led by photographer Mari Seder and renown Mexican artist Humberto Batista. These are pictures I took during the celebrations of Dias de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Click on a photo for a lightbox gallery view.

Hotel Golondrinas
Oaxaca street art
Altar in restaurant
Street vendors
Decorations for a grave
Cemetery altar – Viva Oaxaca
Cemetery altar
Cemetery altar – offerings
Outside a cemetery
Ghostly skeleton child in front of mural
Decorated cemetery
Graveside vigil
Family graveside vigil
Graveside vigil
Sister decorating a grave
Child’s grave
Child’s grave
Graveside vigil
Superhero Jesus
Suffering Jesus
Grave decorations
Spider web grave decoration
Dead of the dead figure
Tourists with painted faces touring graveyard
Painted faces in graveyard
On way to cemetery

All photos by Steven L. Johnson